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Ganbari Nyūdō

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Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #137

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Ganbari Nyudo is a yokai who is considered a "God of Toilets". He has been looking at Saori Maki while she trying to use both a household toilet and the public restroom.


Ganbari appears in a form similar to a perverted old man.


Ganbari was first seen as an unknown demon who was staring at Saori as she was using a household toilet. His identity is revealed by Kiyotsugu as the Kiyoujuji Paranormal Investigation Squad attempted to search for yokai at Mt. Takao. He explains to Saori that he'll disappear if you chant the words "Ganbari Nyuudou Hototogisu" three times, but was unable to give further details because of Saori's lack of interest in the subject.

Saori attempts to use the public restroom when Ganbari appears once more. Saori chants the phrase when Ganbari's head falls off his body and jumps inside her jacket, making her faint as coins begin flowing from her sleeves.

As the event occured, Kiyotsugu continues to explain the exorcism process, which after chanting the phrase,his head will fall off and you should put his severed head into your sleeve. And after removing the head from the sleeve, coins shall flow out and the person will have happiness for the rest of the year.

Ganbari is finally seen floating around headless at the end of the chapter by Karasu Tengu who asks about his missing head


  • Ganbari is also known as the "Cuckoo Priest" which explains why he spewed a bird during his first appearance. The phrase "Ganbari Nyuudou Hototogisu" supposedly translates to "My best cuckoo priest".