Illustration of a yōkai slicing through another's "fear."

Hyoui (鬼憑, lit. "Haunting") is the second stage of activating "Fear" in yōkai battles. It is the process by which a yōkai materializes their "fear" into an attack that can sever an enemy's "fear." The technique comes from the history of yōkai and is a battle tactic to be used against each other. There are a wide variety of attacks and abilities derived from each yōkai's individual "fear."

Examples of Hyoui TechniquesEdit

  • Awashima's Perfect Motherhood, Izanami: Envelops him/her in a soothing, motherly aura capable of dispelling even a yōkai's hold on the darkness in a child's heart.
  • Kubinashi's Ayatori String Techniques: Utilizes his fear-laced string to tie up and/or slice an opponent.
  • Kejōrō's Midaregami, Asobi Onna no Mai: Lengthens her hair to envelop and overrun opponents.
  • Rikuo's Kyōka Suigetsu: Distorts an opponent's perception of him by creating the illusion of an afterimage.

Hyoui GalleryEdit