Keikain House

Keikain family

(花開院家, Keikain-ke)


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The premiere onmyōji house that protects the seal on Kyōto, they exorcise yōkai for a living. Their bloodline has been cursed so that all males die an early death, so those from the branch families are frequently adopted into the main house. A precedent was set by the 13th head whereby the succeeding family head is someone who can summon the Hagun.

The Main HouseEdit

Branch FamiliesEdit


The Fukuju (福寿) branch specializes in barrier techniques. They are able to form individual barriers or a large collective combination barrier to protect a wide area.



The Yaso (八十) branch is often considered to be the most unorthodox, due to their "demonic possession technique." In order to use it, one incorporates a shikigami into not only one's weapon, but also one's body. While this greatly increases the user's attack power, it puts an immense strain on the mind and spirit, leaving the user's mind in an unstable state. As such, it was deemed a forbidden technique.



The Kyoto SealsEdit

Originally set into place by the 13th head, these seals protect Kyoto from being overwhelmed by yōkai and covered in darkness. Several serve the second purpose of containing a powerful yōkai beneath them. They are all linked together by the main roads of the city to form the shape of a spiral.

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