(馬頭丸, Mezumaru)

Personal Data


Gender Male Male


Astrological Sign Pisces February 25



Height 162 cm
1.62 m
5.315 ft
63.78 in
Weight 51 kg
112.436 lb
Fear Type

Fear Icon Manipulation Manipulation


Nura Clan

Voice Actors


Steve Staley Icon - Search (credited as Steve Cannon)


Sōichirō Hoshi



Nurarihyon no Mago Chapter #11


Nurarihyon no Mago Episode #5


Nurarihyon no Mago: Great Profuse Hyakki War


A Fierce Grand Soccer Rally - The Nura Clan W Cup

Appears in

Anime, Manga and Game

Shikigami Summoning

Mezumaru (馬頭丸, Mezumaru) is the Gyūki clan's young head assistant. He can control humans with strings but he doesn't have any means to attack so he will usually become support. Now he lives in Nura's house. At one point he and Gozumaru went to Tamazuki's base as spies only to get heavily injured when trying to "find the strength of a particular sword."


Mezumaru constantly wears a beast's skull like a helmet. The skull masks his true face from view most of the time, only the lower part of his face can be shown. When he is serious, he looks quite fierce and cold. Mezumaru has a feminine face under his beast skull.


His personality, while straightforward and determined, is also slightly naive and ditzy. Mezumaru tends to be playful and is excited easily when out of battle.He unlike Gozumaru has been shown to actually enjoy staying at the main house. He's also been shown to actually like and accept Rikuo as the young head of the Nura Clan.


Gyūki ArcEdit

Mezumaru manipulated Professor Asdashibara in order to lure the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad to Mount Nejireme. When Aotabou finally manages to arrive, he pointed him in the wrong direction. Gozumaru meets up with Mezumaru and they decide that they should separate them before they attack. He attacked Torii, Maki and Yura in the hot spring with yokai's under his command. The Sanba Garasu came and they fly off with Mezumaru to interrogate him and even calls out to Yura to save him.

Shikoku ArcEdit

As a stipulation to Gyūki's pardon, Mezumaru and Gozumaru and are forced to take up residence at the Nura House.

In the manga, Mezumaru and Gozumaru are sent to the Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō's base on a reconnaissance mission. Disguised as tanuki, they are discovered by Gangi Kozō, who Gozumaru defeats easily, and use him to sneak into a restricted area. When they find the room containing Maō's Hammer, they are captured by Shikoku yōkai and heavily injured by Tamazuki. Subsequently, they are rescued by the Sanba Garasu and return to the Nura house to recuperate.


  • Together with Gozumaru, the first portion of their names form gozumezu (牛頭馬頭), the term for the horse-headed and ox-headed demons who serve as guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology.
  • He ranked 14th in the character popularity poll with 268 votes.