Tsukumogami (付喪神) are the spirits of objects that have reached their one-hundredth birthday and thus become alive and aware.

Known TypesEdit


Chōchin Obake

  • Biwabokuboku (琵琶牧々) - The tsukumogami of a biwa
  • Chōchin Obake (提灯お化け) - A paper lantern tsukumogami.
  • Fudemame-Kozō (筆まめ小僧) - The tsukumogami of a writing brush.
  • Karakasa (からかさ) - The tsukumogami of an old umbrella.
  • Kusuritsubo - The tsukumogami of a medicine pot.
  • Kyōrinrin (経凛々) - A tsukumogami which was once a magical scroll of the exorcist Shubin. When he lost a magical duel against fellow monk Kukai, he abandoned his possessions and, feeling rejected, they became tsukumogami.
  • Mokugyo Daruma - The tsukumogami of a mokugyo that changed into the form of a Daruma (dharma) doll. Created with the theme of sleeplessness in mind, it is meant to remind monks to meditate without sleep or rest.
  • Narigama (鳴釜) - A tsukumogami originating from the myth of an iron kettle which could predict one's fortune.
  • Oryou - A tsukumogami of a taishou era romantic glass Ice bowl or kōribachi
  • Taketsubo - A tsukumogami of a bamboo pot.
  • Ungaikyō - The tsukumogami of a hundred-year old mirror. It has a face reflected on the mirror's surface.
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